Visual acuity in the left eye
Name va_left_gprd
Chapter Diseases of the eyes and ears/Visual acuity
As gprd_va_right, but for the left eye.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Dictionaries Read
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 20/09/2012 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
0 Data Not Entered
1 Normal
2 Reduced visual acuity (VA 6/12 to 6/36)
3 Sight impaired (VA 3/60 to 6/60)
4 Severely sight impaired (VA worse than 3/60)
Entity type 135 contains information about visual acuity in the data1 field. If

the Read code has another entity type, the data fields are ignored and the visual acuity is

deduced from the Read term, otherwise the information in the Read term is checked
Codelist version
Codelist authors
Creation date
Category (code) Read code Read term CPRD Medcode
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