Stroke, type not specified (primary care)
Name stroke_nos_gprd
Chapter Circulatory disease/Cerebrovascular disease
Stroke not specified as ischaemic or haemorrhagic as recorded in GPRD.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 08.04.2011 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
0 No stroke NOS
1 History of stroke NOS
2 Possible stroke NOS
3 Stroke NOS
Category assigned based on code list.
Codelist version1
Codelist authorsJulie George, Emily Herrett, Liam Smeeth, Harry Hemingway
Creation date25 May 2011
Category (code) Clinical code Clinical term Datasource lookup
History of stroke NOS (1) 14A7.00 H/O: CVA/stroke 34135
History of stroke NOS (1) 14A7.11 H/O: CVA 6305
History of stroke NOS (1) 14A7.12 H/O: stroke 5871
History of stroke NOS (1) 14AK.00 H/O: Stroke in last year 66873
History of stroke NOS (1) 662e.00 Stroke/CVA annual review 18686
History of stroke NOS (1) 7P24200 Delivery of rehabilitation for stroke 55351
History of stroke NOS (1) 8HHM.00 Ref to multidisciplinary stroke function improvement service 56458
History of stroke NOS (1) 9Om..00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring administration 31218
History of stroke NOS (1) 9Om0.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring first letter 28753
History of stroke NOS (1) 9Om1.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring second letter 34245
History of stroke NOS (1) 9Om2.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring third letter 34375
History of stroke NOS (1) 9Om3.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring verbal invitati 51465
History of stroke NOS (1) 9Om4.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring telephone invte 89913
History of stroke NOS (1) G68X.00 Sequelae of stroke,not specfd as h'morrhage or infarction 6228
History of stroke NOS (1) ZV12511 [V]Personal history of stroke 19348
History of stroke NOS (1) ZV12512 [V]Personal history of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) 7138
Possible stroke NOS (2) 13YA.00 Stroke group member 52246
Possible stroke NOS (2) 38DM.11 ABCD2 stroke risk score 98145
Possible stroke NOS (2) 662M.00 Stroke monitoring 10792
Possible stroke NOS (2) 9N0p.00 Seen in stroke clinic 32959
Possible stroke NOS (2) 9N4X.00 DNA - Did not attend stroke clinic 18687
Possible stroke NOS (2) 9h2..00 Exception reporting: stroke quality indicators 10962
Possible stroke NOS (2) 9h21.00 Excepted from stroke quality indicators: Patient unsuitable 11039
Possible stroke NOS (2) 9h22.00 Excepted from stroke quality indicators: Informed dissent 11074
Possible stroke NOS (2) C315100 Mitochond encephalopathy, lact acidosis & strokelike episode 57183
Possible stroke NOS (2) Fyu5700 [X]Other vascular syndroms/brain in cerebrovasculr diseases 95347
Possible stroke NOS (2) G671000 Acute cerebrovascular insufficiency NOS 70536
Possible stroke NOS (2) ZLEP.00 Discharge from stroke serv 42248
Stroke NOS (3) Fyu5600 [X]Other lacunar syndromes 93459
Stroke NOS (3) G64z100 Wallenberg syndrome 47642
Stroke NOS (3) G64z111 Lateral medullary syndrome 5185
Stroke NOS (3) G66..00 Stroke and cerebrovascular accident unspecified 1469
Stroke NOS (3) G66..11 CVA unspecified 1298
Stroke NOS (3) G66..12 Stroke unspecified 6253
Stroke NOS (3) G66..13 CVA - Cerebrovascular accident unspecified 6116
Stroke NOS (3) G663.00 Brain stem stroke syndrome 8443
Stroke NOS (3) G664.00 Cerebellar stroke syndrome 17322
Stroke NOS (3) G665.00 Pure motor lacunar syndrome 33499
Stroke NOS (3) G666.00 Pure sensory lacunar syndrome 51767
Stroke NOS (3) G667.00 Left sided CVA 7780
Stroke NOS (3) G668.00 Right sided CVA 12833
Stroke NOS (3) L440.11 CVA - cerebrovascular accident in the puerperium 47607
Stroke NOS (3) L440.12 Stroke in the puerperium 56279
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