Serum glucose (categorical)
Name serum_glucose_cat
Chapter Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic/Diabetes
Category of serum glucose level where test is either random or fasting not specified.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 14.03.2011 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
0 Test not done
1 Normal
2 Borderline
3 Abnormal
4 Results not recorded
5 Code conflict ((normal/potentially abnormal)
6 Code conflict (normal/abnormal)
7 Code conflict (potentially abnormal/abnormal)
For clinical file, IF Read code on serum_glucose_gprd code list,

serum_glucose_cat = appropriate category

For test file, IF Read code on serum_glucose_gprd code list AND enttype = 213 or 288,

serum_glucose_cat = appropriate category
Codelist version
Codelist authors
Creation date
Category (code) Clinical code Clinical term Datasource lookup
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