Polycystic ovarian syndrome (primary care)
Name polycystic_ovary_gprd
Chapter Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic/Ovarian dysfunction
Diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome in primary care record. Ovarian drilling is a procedure which is only performed for polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Dictionaries Read
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 20 Feb 2013 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
2 Polycystic ovaries
3 Polycystic ovary syndrome
4 Endoscopic drilling of ovary
Category assigned based on codelist.
Codelist version0
Codelist authorsAnoop Shah (to be approved)
Creation date20 Feb 2013
Category (code) Read code Read term CPRD Medcode
Polycystic ovaries (2) C164.00 Polycystic ovaries 1466
Polycystic ovaries (2) C164.13 Multicystic ovaries 30041
Polycystic ovary syndrome (3) C164.12 Stein - Leventhal syndrome 16103
Polycystic ovary syndrome (3) C165.00 Polycystic ovarian syndrome 11347
Endoscopic drilling of ovary (4) 7E25300 Endoscopic drilling of ovary 38133
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