Unstable angina phenotype
Name phenotype_ua
Chapter Circulatory disease/Unstable angina
Unstable angina is an acute coronary syndrome that does not develop into myocardial infarction.

A hospitalization with the non-specific diagnosis of 'angina' as the primary diagnosis, where there is no procedure giving a reason for admission (PCI or CABG), is considered to be unstable angina.
Data sources GPRD, HES, MINAP
Dictionaries Read, OPCS 4, ICD 10, ICD 9
Repeated No
Agreed 23/11/2013 (Revision 1)
Primary care
1. Diagnosis of unstable angina; unangina_gprd, category 3
2. Diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome not otherwise specified; acs_gprd, category 3

Secondary care
1. Primary diagnosis of unspecified angina (ICD-10 I20.9) during a hospitalization that did not have a PCI or CABG procedure performed
2. Discharge diagnosis of unstable angina in MINAP
3. Primary diagnosis of acute ischaemic heart disease during a hospitalization; acute_ihd_hes, category 3
4. Primary diagnosis of unstable angina during a hospitalization; uangina_hes, category 1
Phenotype components
Variable TitleCategories
unangina_gprd Unstable angina diagnosis (primary care)
  • 3 - Unstable angina
acs_gprd Acute coronary syndrome (primary care)
  • 3 - ACS diagnosed
uangina_minap Unstable angina admission (disease registry)
  • 1 - Yes
acute_ihd_hes Acute ischaemic heart disease (secondary care)
  • 3 - Acute ischaemic heart disease diagnosis
uangina_hes Unstable angina diagnosis (secondary care)
  • 1 - Yes
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