Stroke not elsewhere specified phenotype
Name phenotype_stroke_nos
Chapter Circulatory disease/Cerebrovascular disease
Stroke not classified as ischaemic or haemorrhagic. Most of these strokes are likely to be ischaemic. Patients should be classified into one of the more specific categories if this information is available, such as from the ischaemic stroke or haemorrhagic stroke phenotypes.
Data sources GPRD, HES, ONS
Dictionaries Read, OPCS 4, ICD 10, ICD 9
Repeated No
Agreed (Revision 1)
Primary care
1. Stroke not otherwise specified diagnosis during a consultation

Secondary care
1. Primary diagnosis of stroke not otherwise specified during a hospitalization
2. Recording of stroke rehabilitation procedure

1. Stroke not otherwise specified as the underlying cause of death
Phenotype components
Variable TitleCategories
stroke_nos_gprd Stroke, type not specified (primary care)
  • 3 - Stroke NOS
stroke_nos_hes Unspecified stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
  • 3 - Stroke NOS
stroke_nos_ons Stroke (unspecified) mortality
  • 3 - Stroke of unspecified type
stroke_nos_onsicd9 Stroke not otherwise specified mortality (prior to 2000)
  • 3 - Stroke of unspecified type
stroke_nos_opcs Unspecified stroke procedure (secondary care)
  • 3 - Stroke not specified procedure performed
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Codelist authors
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