Pulmonary embolism (primary care)
Name pe_gprd
Chapter Circulatory disease/Venous thromboembolism
History, suspected or diagnosed pulmonary embolism (PE) in GPRD
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Dictionaries Read
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 05/09/2012 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
1 History of PE
2 Suspected PE
3 Diagnosed PE
Category assigned based on code list.
Codelist version1
Codelist authorsAnoop Shah, Pablo Perel
Creation date05 Sep 2012
Category (code) Read code Read term CPRD Medcode
History of PE (1) 14AC.00 H/O: pulmonary embolus 10280
History of PE (1) ZV12900 [V] Personal history of pulmonary embolism 16976
Suspected PE (2) 1JC..00 Suspected pulmonary embolism 26103
Diagnosed PE (3) 7A09300 Open embolectomy of pulmonary artery 45740
Diagnosed PE (3) 7A09311 Trendelenburg pulmonary embolectomy 34687
Diagnosed PE (3) 7A0A100 Percutaneous transluminal embolectomy of pulmonary artery 65459
Diagnosed PE (3) G401.00 Pulmonary embolism 1266
Diagnosed PE (3) G401.12 Pulmonary embolus 9701
Diagnosed PE (3) G401000 Post operative pulmonary embolus 18121
Diagnosed PE (3) G401100 Recurrent pulmonary embolism 96209
Diagnosed PE (3) L096400 Pulmonary embolism following abortive pregnancy 67006
Diagnosed PE (3) L43..00 Obstetric pulmonary embolism 7174
Diagnosed PE (3) L43..11 Obstetric pulmonary embolus 68438
Diagnosed PE (3) L430.00 Obstetric air pulmonary embolism 31313
Diagnosed PE (3) L431.00 Amniotic fluid pulmonary embolism 44192
Diagnosed PE (3) L431100 Amniotic fluid pulmonary embolism - delivered 73624
Diagnosed PE (3) L432.00 Obstetric blood-clot pulmonary embolism 49269
Diagnosed PE (3) L43z.00 Obstetric pulmonary embolism NOS 73569
Diagnosed PE (3) L43z100 Obstetric pulmonary embolism NOS - delivered 97367
Diagnosed PE (3) L43z400 Obstetric pulmonary embolism NOS with postnatal complication 44404
Diagnosed PE (3) L43zz00 Obstetric pulmonary embolism NOS 98639
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