Diagnosis of heart failure (primary care)
Name hf_gprd
Chapter Circulatory disease/Heart Failure
Diagnosis of heart failure, recorded in GPRD
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 28.03.2011, ammended 05/12/2012 (Revision 2)
Category Definition
0 Not diagnosed
1 History of heart failure
2 Possible heart failure
3 Heart failure due to valvular disease
4 Heart failure due to hypertension
5 Heart failure due to other cause
6 Heart failure NOS
7 Congenital heart failure
GPRD clinical file

Implementation: IF Read code in heart failure codelist, THEN gprd_hf = appropriate category;

IF enttype = 96 AND data2 = abnormal, THEN gprd_hf = 2;

ELSE gprd_hf = 0
Codelist version2
Codelist authorsJulie George, Emily Herrett, Liam Smeeth, Harry Hemingway, Anoop Shah
Creation date28 Nov 2012
Category (code) Clinical code Clinical term Datasource lookup
History of heart failure (1) 14A6.00 H/O: heart failure 15058
History of heart failure (1) 14AM.00 H/O: Heart failure in last year 46912
Possible heart failure (2) 1736.00 Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea 6434
Possible heart failure (2) 1J60.00 Suspected heart failure 21235
Possible heart failure (2) 23E1.00 O/E - pulmonary oedema 5155
Possible heart failure (2) 388D.00 New York Heart Assoc classification heart failure symptoms 46672
Possible heart failure (2) 662T.00 Congestive heart failure monitoring 12366
Possible heart failure (2) 662f.00 New York Heart Association classification - class I 18853
Possible heart failure (2) 662g.00 New York Heart Association classification - class II 13189
Possible heart failure (2) 662h.00 New York Heart Association classification - class III 19066
Possible heart failure (2) 662i.00 New York Heart Association classification - class IV 51214
Possible heart failure (2) 679X.00 Heart failure education 95835
Possible heart failure (2) 8CL3.00 Heart failure care plan discussed with patient 32945
Possible heart failure (2) 8HBE.00 Heart failure follow-up 17851
Possible heart failure (2) 8HHz.00 Referral to heart failure exercise programme 70619
Possible heart failure (2) 8Hg8.00 Discharge from practice nurse heart failure clinic 91288
Possible heart failure (2) 8Hk0.00 Referred to heart failure education group 71235
Possible heart failure (2) 9N0k.00 Seen in heart failure clinic 12627
Possible heart failure (2) 9N2p.00 Seen by community heart failure nurse 19002
Possible heart failure (2) 9N4s.00 Did not attend practice nurse heart failure clinic 95021
Possible heart failure (2) 9N4w.00 Did not attend heart failure clinic 83481
Possible heart failure (2) 9N6T.00 Referred by heart failure nurse specialist 69062
Possible heart failure (2) 9On..00 Left ventricular dysfunction monitoring administration 18793
Possible heart failure (2) 9On0.00 Left ventricular dysfunction monitoring first letter 60710
Possible heart failure (2) 9On1.00 Left ventricular dysfunction monitoring second letter 60721
Possible heart failure (2) 9On2.00 Left ventricular dysfunction monitoring third letter 72341
Possible heart failure (2) 9On3.00 Left ventricular dysfunction monitoring verbal invite 92305
Possible heart failure (2) 9On4.00 Left ventricular dysfunction monitoring telephone invite 96484
Possible heart failure (2) 9Or..00 Heart failure monitoring administration 32911
Possible heart failure (2) 9Or1.00 Heart failure monitoring telephone invite 90193
Possible heart failure (2) 9Or2.00 Heart failure monitoring verbal invite 90192
Possible heart failure (2) 9Or3.00 Heart failure monitoring first letter 72965
Possible heart failure (2) 9Or4.00 Heart failure monitoring second letter 72386
Possible heart failure (2) 9Or5.00 Heart failure monitoring third letter 89650
Possible heart failure (2) 9h1..00 Exception reporting: LVD quality indicators 34213
Possible heart failure (2) 9h11.00 Excepted from LVD quality indicators: Patient unsuitable 11613
Possible heart failure (2) 9h12.00 Excepted from LVD quality indicators: Informed dissent 28649
Possible heart failure (2) 9hH..00 Exception reporting: heart failure quality indicators 90935
Possible heart failure (2) 9hH0.00 Excepted heart failure quality indicators: Patient unsuitabl 30749
Possible heart failure (2) 9hH1.00 Excepted heart failure quality indicators: Informed dissent 64062
Possible heart failure (2) G581.12 Pulmonary oedema - acute 43618
Possible heart failure (2) G58z.11 Weak heart 12590
Possible heart failure (2) H54..00 Pulmonary congestion and hypostasis 30214
Possible heart failure (2) H541.00 Pulmonary congestion 1585
Possible heart failure (2) H541000 Chronic pulmonary oedema 26082
Possible heart failure (2) H541z00 Pulmonary oedema NOS 7321
Possible heart failure (2) H54z.00 Pulmonary congestion and hypostasis NOS 61229
Possible heart failure (2) H584.00 Acute pulmonary oedema unspecified 558
Possible heart failure (2) H584z00 Acute pulmonary oedema NOS 5293
Possible heart failure (2) ZRad.00 New York Heart Assoc classification heart failure symptoms 26242
Heart failure due to valvular disease (3) G580400 Congestive heart failure due to valvular disease 94870
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G210.00 Malignant hypertensive heart disease 50157
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G210000 Malignant hypertensive heart disease without CCF 95334
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G210100 Malignant hypertensive heart disease with CCF 72668
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G211100 Benign hypertensive heart disease with CCF 52127
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G21z100 Hypertensive heart disease NOS with CCF 62718
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G230.00 Malignant hypertensive heart and renal disease 67232
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G232.00 Hypertensive heart&renal dis wth (congestive) heart failure 21837
Heart failure due to hypertension (4) G234.00 Hyperten heart&renal dis+both(congestv)heart and renal fail 57987
Heart failure due to other cause (5) G1yz100 Rheumatic left ventricular failure 22262
Heart failure NOS (6) 1O1..00 Heart failure confirmed 9913
Heart failure NOS (6) 662W.00 Heart failure annual review 30779
Heart failure NOS (6) 662p.00 Heart failure 6 month review 83502
Heart failure NOS (6) 8B29.00 Cardiac failure therapy 24503
Heart failure NOS (6) 8H2S.00 Admit heart failure emergency 32898
Heart failure NOS (6) 9Or0.00 Heart failure review completed 19380
Heart failure NOS (6) G400.00 Acute cor pulmonale 8464
Heart failure NOS (6) G41z.11 Chronic cor pulmonale 5695
Heart failure NOS (6) G554000 Congestive cardiomyopathy 5141
Heart failure NOS (6) G554011 Congestive obstructive cardiomyopathy 68766
Heart failure NOS (6) G58..00 Heart failure 2062
Heart failure NOS (6) G58..11 Cardiac failure 1223
Heart failure NOS (6) G580.00 Congestive heart failure 398
Heart failure NOS (6) G580.11 Congestive cardiac failure 2906
Heart failure NOS (6) G580.12 Right heart failure 10079
Heart failure NOS (6) G580.13 Right ventricular failure 10154
Heart failure NOS (6) G580.14 Biventricular failure 9524
Heart failure NOS (6) G580000 Acute congestive heart failure 23707
Heart failure NOS (6) G580100 Chronic congestive heart failure 32671
Heart failure NOS (6) G580200 Decompensated cardiac failure 27884
Heart failure NOS (6) G580300 Compensated cardiac failure 11424
Heart failure NOS (6) G581.00 Left ventricular failure 884
Heart failure NOS (6) G581.11 Asthma - cardiac 23481
Heart failure NOS (6) G581.13 Impaired left ventricular function 5942
Heart failure NOS (6) G581000 Acute left ventricular failure 5255
Heart failure NOS (6) G582.00 Acute heart failure 27964
Heart failure NOS (6) G58z.00 Heart failure NOS 4024
Heart failure NOS (6) G58z.12 Cardiac failure NOS 17278
Heart failure NOS (6) G5yy900 Left ventricular systolic dysfunction 8966
Heart failure NOS (6) G5yyA00 Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction 12550
Heart failure NOS (6) R2y1000 [D]Cardiorespiratory failure 20324
Congenital heart failure (7) Q48y100 Congenital cardiac failure 20822
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