Diagnosis of depression (primary care)
Name depression_diag_gprd
Chapter Mental and behavioral disorders/Depression
Diagnosis of depression recorded in GPRD. (Abbreviations: SE, single episode; NS, not specified)
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 01.08.2011 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
1 Mild-moderate
2 Severe without psychotic symptoms
3 Severe with psychotic symptoms
4 Single episode, severity unspecified
5 Endogenous depression
6 Agitated depression
7 Dysthymia
8 Chronic depression
9 Recurrent mild-moderate
10 Recurrent severe without psychotic symptoms
11 Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms
12 Recurrent severity unspecified
13 Other or unspecified
Category assigned based on code list.
Codelist version1
Codelist authorsRuzan Udumyan, Marina Daskalopoulou
Creation date03 Nov 2011
Category (code) Clinical code Clinical term Datasource lookup
Mild-moderate (1) E112100 Single major depressive episode, mild 16506
Mild-moderate (1) E112200 Single major depressive episode, moderate 15155
Mild-moderate (1) Eu32000 [X]Mild depressive episode 11717
Mild-moderate (1) Eu32100 [X]Moderate depressive episode 9211
Mild-moderate (1) Eu32400 [X]Mild depression 10667
Mild-moderate (1) Eu32500 [X]Major depression, mild 98346
Mild-moderate (1) Eu32600 [X]Major depression, moderately severe 98252
Severe without psychotic symptoms (2) E112300 Single major depressive episode, severe, without psychosis 15219
Severe without psychotic symptoms (2) Eu32700 [X]Major depression, severe without psychotic symptoms 98414
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) E11..12 Depressive psychoses 2560
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) E112400 Single major depressive episode, severe, with psychosis 32159
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) E130.00 Reactive depressive psychosis 8478
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) E130.11 Psychotic reactive depression 17770
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) Eu32311 [X]Single episode of major depression and psychotic symptoms 24117
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) Eu32312 [X]Single episode of psychogenic depressive psychosis 52678
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) Eu32313 [X]Single episode of psychotic depression 24112
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) Eu32314 [X]Single episode of reactive depressive psychosis 28863
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) Eu32800 [X]Major depression, severe with psychotic symptoms 98417
Severe with psychotic symptoms (3) Eu33311 [X]Endogenous depression with psychotic symptoms 23731
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E112.00 Single major depressive episode 10610
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E112000 Single major depressive episode, unspecified 34390
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E112500 Single major depressive episode, partial or unspec remission 43324
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E112z00 Single major depressive episode NOS 7011
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E11y200 Atypical depressive disorder 27491
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E11z200 Masked depression 9183
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E204.00 Neurotic depression reactive type 1131
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) E2B..00 Depressive disorder NEC 324
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32.00 [X]Depressive episode 4639
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32.11 [X]Single episode of depressive reaction 9055
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32.12 [X]Single episode of psychogenic depression 18510
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32.13 [X]Single episode of reactive depression 7604
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32212 [X]Single episode major depression w'out psychotic symptoms 22806
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32213 [X]Single episode vital depression w'out psychotic symptoms 59386
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32y00 [X]Other depressive episodes 6854
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32y11 [X]Atypical depression 10720
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32y12 [X]Single episode of masked depression NOS 56609
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32z00 [X]Depressive episode, unspecified 2970
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32z11 [X]Depression NOS 543
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32z12 [X]Depressive disorder NOS 3291
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32z13 [X]Prolonged single episode of reactive depression 28248
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu32z14 [X] Reactive depression NOS 5987
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu33z11 [X]Monopolar depression NOS 36616
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu34111 [X]Depressive neurosis 8584
Single episode, severity unspecified (4) Eu34113 [X]Neurotic depression 7737
Endogenous depression (5) E112.12 Endogenous depression first episode 6546
Endogenous depression (5) E112.13 Endogenous depression first episode 6950
Endogenous depression (5) E112.14 Endogenous depression 595
Endogenous depression (5) Eu33211 [X]Endogenous depression without psychotic symptoms 11329
Agitated depression (6) E112.11 Agitated depression 5879
Agitated depression (6) E135.00 Agitated depression 1055
Agitated depression (6) Eu32211 [X]Single episode agitated depressn w'out psychotic symptoms 41989
Dysthymia (7) E211200 Depressive personality disorder 10455
Dysthymia (7) Eu34100 [X]Dysthymia 7953
Dysthymia (7) Eu34112 [X]Depressive personality disorder 10290
Chronic depression (8) E2B1.00 Chronic depression 4323
Recurrent mild-moderate (9) E113100 Recurrent major depressive episodes, mild 29342
Recurrent mild-moderate (9) E113200 Recurrent major depressive episodes, moderate 14709
Recurrent mild-moderate (9) Eu33000 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode mild 29784
Recurrent mild-moderate (9) Eu33100 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode moderate 29520
Recurrent severe without psychotic symptoms (10) E113300 Recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, no psychosis 25697
Recurrent severe without psychotic symptoms (10) Eu33200 [X]Recurr depress disorder cur epi severe without psyc sympt 33469
Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms (11) E113400 Recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, with psychosis 24171
Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms (11) Eu33300 [X]Recurrent depress disorder cur epi severe with psyc symp 47009
Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms (11) Eu33313 [X]Recurr severe episodes/major depression+psychotic symptom 32941
Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms (11) Eu33314 [X]Recurr severe episodes/psychogenic depressive psychosis 31757
Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms (11) Eu33315 [X]Recurrent severe episodes of psychotic depression 16861
Recurrent severe with psychotic symptoms (11) Eu33316 [X]Recurrent severe episodes/reactive depressive psychosis 37764
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113.00 Recurrent major depressive episode 15099
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113.11 Endogenous depression - recurrent 6932
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113000 Recurrent major depressive episodes, unspecified 35671
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113500 Recurrent major depressive episodes,partial/unspec remission 56273
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113600 Recurrent major depressive episodes, in full remission 55384
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113700 Recurrent depression 6482
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E113z00 Recurrent major depressive episode NOS 25563
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) E118.00 Seasonal affective disorder 10825
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33.00 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder 3292
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33.11 [X]Recurrent episodes of depressive reaction 8851
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33.12 [X]Recurrent episodes of psychogenic depression 19696
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33.13 [X]Recurrent episodes of reactive depression 8902
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33.14 [X]Seasonal depressive disorder 28756
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33.15 [X]SAD - Seasonal affective disorder 8826
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33212 [X]Major depression, recurrent without psychotic symptoms 11252
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33214 [X]Vital depression, recurrent without psychotic symptoms 73991
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33400 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, currently in remission 22116
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33y00 [X]Other recurrent depressive disorders 47731
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu33z00 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, unspecified 44300
Recurrent severity unspecified (12) Eu3y111 [X]Recurrent brief depressive episodes 19054
Other or unspecified (13) 62T1.00 Puerperal depression 2923
Other or unspecified (13) E204.11 Postnatal depression 2639
Other or unspecified (13) E2B0.00 Postviral depression 2972
Other or unspecified (13) Eu53011 [X]Postnatal depression NOS 13307
Other or unspecified (13) Eu53012 [X]Postpartum depression NOS 4979
Other or unspecified (13) R007z13 [D]Postoperative depression 29527
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