Acute stress, stress reaction and adjustment disorders
Name acute_stress_gprd
Chapter Mental and behavioral disorders/Reaction to stress, adjustment disorders
Acute stress reaction recorded in GPRD. Note: Although ICD-10 distinguishes

acute stress reaction and adjustment disorders, clinicians use these

terms interchangeably.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources GPRD
Dictionaries Read
Repeated Yes
Valid event date range 01/01/1900 - 25/03/2010
Agreed 06.12.2011 (Revision 1)
Category Definition
0 Not diagnosed
1 Possible acute stress
2 Acute stress/adjustment disorders
3 Bereavement reaction
4 Post-traumatic stress disorder
Category assigned based on code list.
Codelist version1
Codelist authorsRuzan Udumyan, Harry Hemingway
Creation date21 Jul 2011
Category (code) Read code Read term CPRD Medcode
Possible acute stress (1) 67J..00 Stress counselling 9134
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON..00 Stress monitoring admin. 35808
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON..11 Stress clinic administration 58610
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON1.00 Attends stress monitoring 63249
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON2.00 Refuses stress monitoring 51349
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON3.00 Stress monitoring default 96504
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON4.00 Stress monitoring 1st letter 35648
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON5.00 Stress monitoring 2nd letter 56220
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON8.00 Stress monitoring phone invite 96503
Possible acute stress (1) 9ON9.00 Stress monitoring deleted 57856
Possible acute stress (1) 9ONA.00 Stress monitoring check done 37248
Possible acute stress (1) 9ONZ.00 Stress monitoring admin.NOS 70751
Possible acute stress (1) Z771.00 Stress management 11376
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E28..00 Acute reaction to stress 276
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E28..11 Combat fatigue 43550
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E280.00 Acute panic state due to acute stress reaction 11940
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E281.00 Acute fugue state due to acute stress reaction 42737
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E282.00 Acute stupor state due to acute stress reaction 15551
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E284.00 Stress reaction causing mixed disturbance of emotion/conduct 23869
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) E28z.00 Acute stress reaction NOS 26138
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) Eu43000 [X]Acute stress reaction 11607
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) Eu43011 [X]Acute crisis reaction 36374
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) Eu43012 [X]Acute reaction to stress 10535
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) Eu43013 [X]Combat fatigue 70779
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) Eu43014 [X]Crisis state 21559
Acute stress/adjustment disorders (2) Eu43015 [X]Psychic shock 7813
Bereavement reaction (3) E29y100 Other post-traumatic stress disorder 32387
Bereavement reaction (3) Eu43100 [X]Post - traumatic stress disorder 4171
Bereavement reaction (3) Eu43111 [X]Traumatic neurosis 32182
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) E283.00 Other acute stress reactions 38640
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) E283000 Acute situational disturbance 20245
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) E283100 Acute posttrauma stress state 24847
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) E283z00 Other acute stress reaction NOS 29707
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) Eu43.00 [X]Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders 11098
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) Eu43y00 [X]Other reactions to severe stress 21753
Post-traumatic stress disorder (4) Eu43z00 [X]Reaction to severe stress, unspecified 31515
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