Why was no angiogram performed?
Name No_angio
Chapter MINAP/Interventional treatment
Reason coronary angiography was not performed.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources MINAP
Repeated No
Valid event date range 01/01/2003 - 08/06/2009
Agreed 01/12/2010 (Revision 9.1)
Category DefinitionNotes
0 Not applicable Where angiography has been performed
1 Diagnosis not ACS Another diagnosis- not an acute coronary syndrome- was established.
2 Patient refused
3 Patient died
4 Complication before angio could be performed An acute medical event resulting in cancellation of a planned angiogram/ intervention.
5 Angio inappropriate due to co- morbidity Patient co-morbidity made angio inappropriate. For use where there is advanced malingnancy, dementia, progressive neurological disease or other condition having an immediate impact on prognosis. Includes other clinical reasons identified by the clinician.
6 Technical failure Any operator related failure, including failure of arterial access.
7 Lab unavailable Access to lab not possible at any time when lab normally available.
8 Other Including absent staff or equipment problems.
9 Unknown
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Codelist authors
Creation date
Category (code) ICD10 code ICD10 term
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