Assessment at interventional center
Name Int_assessment
Chapter MINAP/Interventional treatment
Place of assessment after arrival at interventional center.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources MINAP
Repeated No
Valid event date range 01/01/2003 - 08/06/2009
Agreed 01/12/2010 (Revision 9.1)
Category DefinitionNotes
1 Assessed in A&E self presenters might be assessed here.
2 Acute assessment unit A non specific area for assessment of acute admission.
3 CCU /cardiac facility Facility with specialised nursing staff.
4 Catheter laboratory Including areas immediately adjacent.
5 Already in hospital Already in interventional hospital.
9 Unknown
Codelist version
Codelist authors
Creation date
Category (code) ICD10 code ICD10 term
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