Admission method
Name Admitionmethod
Chapter MINAP/Admission
Method of admission.
Data Type Categorical
Data sources MINAP
Repeated No
Valid event date range 01/01/2003 - 08/06/2009
Agreed 01/12/2010 (Revision 9.1)
Category DefinitionNotes
1 Direct admission via emergency servise implies arrival by amulance, helicopter.
2 Self presenter to this hospital Implies that the patient made their own way ( public transport, brought by relative etc,.) to hospital. Includes those advised to do so by GP.
3 Already in this hospital If the patient is already in hospital with another diagnosis it is only necessary to enter the date of symptom onset and the date of arrival at hospital. Use if patient is admitted from a Rapid Chest Pain Clinic
4 Inter- hospital transfer for specific teratment Specifically covers transfer to specialist center for proposed treatment ( other than 5 ).
5 Repatriation after coronary inetrvantion Return from interventional center ( usually after pPCI )
6 Other
9 Unknown
Codelist version
Codelist authors
Creation date
Category (code) ICD10 code ICD10 term
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