CALIBER Autoimmune uveitis phenotype

person Phenotype Autoimmune uveitis
person Type Disease or syndrome
person Data sources Primary care (CPRD), hospital admission data (HES)
person Clinical Terminologies Read, ICD-9, ICD-10
person Valid event date range 01/01/1999 - 01/07/2016
person Sex Female/Male
person Agreed 23.11.2012 (Revision 2)
person Authors Mar Pujades-Rodriguez , Bram Duyx, Sara L. Thomas, Dimitris Stogiannis, Anisur Rahman, Liam Smeeth, Harry Hemingway

Primary Care (incident and prevalent)

In the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD, primary care data) we ascertained cases by searching for Read terms related to:


Read codeRead termCALIBER category
F443.11 Uveitis NOS Uveitis
F440.11 Iritis - acute Uveitis
F442000 Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis Uveitis
F443000 Anterior uveitis Uveitis
F44..12 Iridocyclitis Uveitis
F432000 Choroiditis NOS Uveitis
F441200 Chronic anterior uveitis Uveitis
F440z00 Acute or subacute iritis NOS Uveitis
F432311 Pars planitis Uveitis
F440.00 Acute and subacute iridocyclitis Uveitis
F432200 Posterior uveitis NOS Uveitis
F443.00 Unspecified iridocyclitis Uveitis
F432z00 Other chorioretinitis or retinochoroiditis NOS Uveitis
F441.11 Chronic iritis Uveitis
F432300 Posterior cyclitis Uveitis
F440300 Recurrent iridocyclitis Uveitis
F401100 Panuveitis Uveitis
F430500 Focal macular retinochoroiditis Uveitis
F401000 Sympathetic uveitis Uveitis
F441.00 Chronic iridocyclitis Uveitis
F441000 Unspecified chronic iridocyclitis Uveitis
F440000 Unspecified acute iridocyclitis Uveitis
F431.00 Disseminated chorioretinitis and retinochoroiditis Uveitis
F440500 Secondary noninfected iridocyclitis Uveitis
F432.00 Other chorioretinitis and retinochoroiditis Uveitis
F440100 Unspecified subacute iridocyclitis Uveitis
F441100 Chronic iridocyclitis due to disease EC Uveitis
F441z00 Chronic iridocyclitis NOS Uveitis
F440200 Primary iridocyclitis Uveitis
F442.00 Certain types of iridocyclitis Uveitis
F442z00 Certain types of cyclitis NOS Uveitis
Diagnoses (prevalent)

Read codeRead termCALIBER category
1486.00' H/O: iritis History of uveitis
Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARD)

Product codeMedication
796 COPAXONE injection 20mg/1ml [TEVA]
13794 AVONEX powder for solution for injection 30micrograms [BIOGEN]
16722 interferon beta-1b powder for solution for injection 300micrograms (9.6million IU)
21261 interferon beta-1a powder for solution for injection 30micrograms
27388 AVONEX injection solution 30micrograms/0.5ml [BIOGEN]
28976 BETAFERON powder for solution for injection 300micrograms (9.6million IU) [SCHERING]
31179 glatiramer acetate injection 20mg/1ml
32608 interferon beta-1a injection 22micrograms (6million IU)
33725 interferon beta-1a injection solution 30micrograms/0.5ml
35421 REBIF injection 22micrograms (6million IU) [MERCK SER]
36081 REBIF injection solution 44micrograms (12 million IU) [MERCK SER]
38254 TYSABRI concentrate for solution for infusion 300mg/15ml [BIOGEN]
38444 interferon beta-1a injection solution 8.8micrograms + 22micrograms
38783 interferon beta-1a injection solution 44micrograms (12 million IU)
41191 natalizumab concentrate for solution for infusion 300mg/15ml
Seen by opthalmologist

Read codeRead termCALIBER category
64R5.11 Child referral - ophthalmology Referral to specialist
8H4T.00 Referral to ophthalmology special interest GP Referral to specialist
8Hm3.00 Referral to ophthalmology clinical assessment service Referral to specialist
8HV1.00 Private referral to ophthalmologist Referral to specialist
ZL5AL00 Referral to medical ophthalmologist Referral to specialist
ZL5GG00 Referral to ophthalmologist Referral to specialist

Read terms are hierarhically organized in top-level chapters i.e. chapter G....00 is related to Circulatory System Diseases and sub-headings i.e. heading G2...00 is related to Hypertensive Heart Disease while G3...00 is related to Ischaemic Heart Disease.

Secondary Care (incident and prevalent)

In Hospital Episode Statistics (HES, hospital admission data) we used ICD-10 terms (see below) for diagnosis when marked as the primary diagnosis i.e. the main condition treated or investigated during the relevant episode of healthcare. We used the date of admission to hospital as the date of the event. We additionally searched for OPCS-4 terms indicating releted procedures.


ICD-10 codeICD-10 termCALIBER category
H201 Chronic iridocyclitis Uveitis
H208 Other iridocyclitis Uveitis
H209 Iridocyclitis, unspecified Uveitis
H221 Iridocyclitis in other diseases classified elsewhere - ank spond/sarcoid Uveitis
H301 Disseminated chorioretinal inflammation Uveitis
H302 Posterior cyclitis (Pars Planitis) Uveitis
Not applicable.

Combining evidence across sources to define and date phenotypes

CALIBER autoimmune uveitis Phenotype flowchart
Flow chart diagram illustrating the CALIBER phenotype algorithm for autoimmune uveitis
Pujades-Rodriguez, Mar, Bram Duyx, Sara L. Thomas, Dimitris Stogiannis, Anisur Rahman, Liam Smeeth, and Harry Hemingway. "Rheumatoid arthritis and incidence of twelve initial presentations of cardiovascular disease: a population record-linkage cohort study in England." PLoS One 11, no. 3 (2016): e0151245.