Mental and behavioral disorders


alcoholism_gprd Alcoholism
alcohol_harm_gprd Alcohol-related harm
alcohol_mgmt_gprd Management of alcohol abuse


dementia_drugs Drugs for dementia
dementia_gprd Diagnosis of dementia
dementia_hes Hospital admission for dementia


antipsych_drugs Antipsychotic drugs
schizophrenia_gprd Diagnosis of schizophrenia
schizophrenia_hes Hospital admission for schizophrenia

Other psychotic

psychosis Diagnosis of other psychotic disorders
psychosis_hes Hospital admission for other psychotic disorders

Bipolar disorder

bipolar_drugs Drugs for mania/bipolar disorder
bipolar_gprd Diagnosis of mania/bipolar disorder
bipolar_hes Hospital admission for manic episode / bipolar disorder
bipolar_symp_gprd Manic / bipolar symptoms and signs


depression_diag_gprd Diagnosis of depression (primary care)
depression_diag_hes Diagnosis of depression (secondary care)
depression_history_gprd History of depression (primary care)
depression_symptoms_gprd Depression symptoms and signs
depress_drugs_maoi Antidepressant drugs (MAOI)
depress_drugs_other Antidepressant drugs (other)
depress_drugs_ssri Antidepressant drugs (SSRI)
depress_drugs_tca Antidepressant drugs (TCA)
depress_referral Referral for depression
phq9 PHQ-9 scale

Other mood affective disorders

affective_gprd Diagnosis of affective disorder

Phobia or anxiety

anxiety_drugs Drugs for anxiety and phobia
anxiety_gprd Diagnosis of anxiety
anxiety_phobia_hes Hospital admission for anxiety disorders
anxiety_phobia_symp_gprd Anxiety and phobia symptoms and signs
phobia_gprd Diagnosis of phobia

Reaction to stress, adjustment disorders

acute_stress_gprd Acute stress, stress reaction and adjustment disorders
acute_stress_hes Hospital admission for acute stress reaction and adjustment disorders
stress_symptoms_gprd Stress symptoms

Eating disorders

eating_disorders_gprd Eating disorders (primary care)
eating_disorders_hes Eating disorders (secondary care)