Circulatory disease


blood_pressure_lowering_medication_gprd Blood pressure lowering medication
bp_cat_gprd Blood pressure category (primary care)
bp_gprd Blood pressure measurement
bp_meds Blood pressure medication (primary care)
ht_comp Composite Hypertension
ht_gprd Hypertension diagnosis (primary care)
ht_hes Hypertension diagnosis (secondary care)
ht_opcs Hypertension drugs during procedure (secondary care)
phenotype_ht Hypertension phenotype
pulse_pressure_gprd Pulse pressure (primary care)

Stable angina

angina_hes Stable angina diagnosis (secondary care)
angina_meds Anti anginal medication (primary care)
angina_meds Anti-anginal medication prescription
angina_minap History of angina in MINAP
angio_anat_nos_gprd Angiogram, unspecified anatomy (primary care)
angio_mod_nos_gprd Contrast radiology study of the heart (primary care)
angio_result_gprd Coronary angiogram results (primary care)
atheroma_tests Atheroma tests (primary care)
cabg_gprd CABG performed (primary care)
cabg_hes CABG performed (secondary care)
cabg_minap History of CABG in MINAP
cabg_opcs Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) procedure (secondary care)
chest_pain_gprd Chest pain diagnosis (primary care)
csx Microvascular angina diagnosis (primary care)
ct_angio_gprd CT coronary angiogram results (primary care)
eecg_gprd Exercise ECG results (primary care)
inv_angio_gprd Invasive coronary angiogram results (primary care)
ischaemia_tests Ischaemia tests (primary care)
mr_angio_gprd MR coronary angiogram (primary care)
pci_gprd PCI performed (primary care)
pci_minap History of PCI in MINAP
pci_opcs Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure (secondary care)
phenotype_sa Stable angina phenotype
radio_scan_gprd Myocardial perfusion scan results (primary care)
recg_gprd Resting ECG results (primary care)
sa_diagnosis_gprd Diagnosis of stable angina (primary care)
sa_sensitive Stable angina, sensitive definition
sa_specific Stable angina specific definition
stress_echo_gprd Stress Echocardiogram results (primary care)

Unstable angina

acs_gprd Acute coronary syndrome (primary care)
acute_ihd_hes Acute ischaemic heart disease (secondary care)
ecg_minap MINAP ECG results
minap_diag MINAP discharge diagnosis
phenotype_ua Unstable angina phenotype
raised_markers_minap MINAP raised markers
uangina_hes Unstable angina diagnosis (secondary care)
uangina_minap Unstable angina admission (disease registry)
unangina_gprd Unstable angina diagnosis (primary care)

Myocardial infarction

any_mi_gprd Any MI (primary care)
arrest_gprd Cardiac arrest diagnosis (primary care)
arrest_hes Cardiac arrest (secondary care)
arrest_opcs Cardiac arrest procedure recorded (secondary care)
cardiac_markers_gprd Cardiac markers (primary care)
ckmb_cat_gprd CK-MB (primary care)
hist_mi_minap History of myocardial infarction (disease registry)
lysis_gprd Thrombolysis recorded (primary care)
lysis_opcs Coronary thrombolysis procedure (secondary care)
minap_lysis MINAP thrombolysis
minap_reperfusion MINAP reperfusion
mi_admit_gprd Hospitalisation for myocardial infarction (primary care)
mi_hes Myocardial infarction (secondary care)
mi_minap Acute myocardial infarction admission (disease registry)
mi_nos_gprd MI Not Otherwise Specified diagnosis (primary care)
myo_infarct_gprd Myocardial infarction and complications (primary care)
myo_infarct_hes Myocardial infarction and complications (secondary care)
nstemi_gprd NSTEMI diagnosis (primary care)
phenotype_mi Myocardial Infarction phenotype
ppci_minap Primary PCI at admission (disease registry)
stemi_gprd STEMI diagnosis (primary care)
troponins_cat_gprd Raised troponins (categorical) (primary care)

Cerebrovascular disease

carotid_angio_gprd Carotid angiogram (primary care)
carotid_endarterectomy_gprd Endarterectomy (primary care)
carotid_endarterectomy_opcs Endarterectomy (procedure)
carotid_us_gprd Carotid ultrasound scan (primary care)
cerebral_ct_gprd Cerebral CT scan (primary care)
cerebral_haem_gprd Cerebral haemorrhage (primary care)
cerebral_procs_opcs Cerebrovascular procedures (secondary care)
cerebral_stroke_hes Cerebral haemorrhage (secondary care)
cerebro_nec_gprd Ischaemic cerebrovascular disease in primary care, not elsewhere classified
cerebro_ops_gprd Cerebrovascular procedures (primary care)
cvd_minap History of cerebrovascular disease (disease registry)
haem_stroke_gprd Haemorrhagic stroke diagnosis (primary care)
haem_stroke_hes Haemorrhagic stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
ischaemic_stroke_gprd Ischaemic stroke (primary care)
ischaemic_stroke_hes Ischaemic stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
ischaem_cvd_hes Ischaemic cerebrovascular disease (secondary care)
ischaem_stroke_hes Ischaemic stroke (secondary care)
phenotype_stroke_intracerebral_haem Intracerebral haemorrhage phenotype
phenotype_stroke_ischaemic Ischaemic stroke phenotype
phenotype_stroke_nos Stroke not elsewhere specified phenotype
phenotype_stroke_subarachnoid Subarachnoid haemorrhage phenotype
stroke_nos_gprd Stroke, type not specified (primary care)
stroke_nos_hes Unspecified stroke diagnosis (secondary care)
stroke_nos_opcs Unspecified stroke procedure (secondary care)

Peripheral arterial disease

aaa_angio_gprd Abdominal aortogram (primary care)
aaa_gprd Abdominal aortic aneurysm (primary care)
aaa_hes Abdominal aortic aneurysm (secondary care)
aaa_ops_gprd Abdominal aortic aneurysm procedures (primary care)
aaa_procs_opcs Abdominal aortic aneurysm procedures (secondary care)
aaa_us_gprd Abdominal aorta ultrasound scan (primary care)
arterial_gprd Acute arterial thrombosis and peripheral vascular diseases (primary care)
arterial_hes Acute arterial thrombosis and peripheral vascular diseases (secondary care)
minap_pvd History of peripheral vascular disease in MINAP
pad_angio_gprd Peripheral arterial disease angiography (primary care)
pad_gprd Other peripheral arterial disease (primary care)
pad_hes Other peripheral arterial disease (secondary care)
pad_ops_gprd Other peripheral arterial disease procedures (primary care)
pad_procs_opcs Other peripheral arterial disease procedures (secondary care)
pad_us_gprd Peripheral arterial disease ultrasound scans (primary care)
phenotype_aaa Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm phenotype
phenotype_pad Peripheral arterial disease phenotype

Other atherosclerotic disease

athero_nec_gprd Atherosclerotic disease, not elsewhere classified (primary care)
athero_nec_hes Atherosclerotic disease, not elsewhere classified, recorded (secondary care)
chd_nos_gprd Coronary heart disease not otherwise specified (primary care)
chd_nos_hes Coronary heart disease not otherwise specified (secondary care)
erfc_cvd_diag_hes Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration CVD diagnosis (secondary care)
fh_chd_gprd Family history of coronary heart disease (primary care)
fh_cvd_gprd Family history of cardiovascular disease (primary care)
fh_cvd_hes Family history of cardiovascular disease (secondary care)
gprd_coronary_procs Coronary artery operations (primary care)
other_coronary_surgery_opcs Coronary artery procedures recorded (secondary care)
phenotype_chd_nos Coronary heart disease phenotype

Heart Failure

echo_gprd Echocardiography (primary care)
hf_gprd Diagnosis of heart failure (primary care)
hf_hes Diagnosis of heart failure (secondary care)
hf_minap History of heart failure (disease registry)
lvef_minap Assessment of left ventricular ejection fraction (disease registry)
phenotype_hf Heart failure phenotype


bradycardia_gprd Bradycardia (primary care)
bradycardia_hes Bradycardia (secondary care)
minap_pulse Pulse rate in MINAP
pulse_ldp_gprd Left dorsalis pedis pulse (primary care)
pulse_lpt_gprd Left posterior tibial pulse (primary care)
pulse_rate_gprd Pulse rate (primary care)
pulse_rdp_gprd Right dorsalis pedis pulse (primary care)
pulse_rpt_gprd Right posterior tibial pulse (primary care)
tachycardia_gprd Tachycardia (primary care)
tachycardia_hes Tachycardia (secondary care)

Cardiac valve disorders

cardiacvalve_gprd Cardiac valve disorders (primary care)
cardiacvalve_hes Cardiac valve disorders (secondary care)


endocarditis_gprd Endocarditis diagnosis (primary care)
endocarditis_hes Endocarditis diagnosis (secondary care)

Venous thromboembolism

dvt_gprd Deep vein thrombosis (primary care)
dvt_hes Deep vein thrombosis (secondary care)
pe_gprd Pulmonary embolism (primary care)
pe_hes Pulmonary embolism (secondary care)

Atrial fibrillation

af_gprd Atrial fibrillation diagnosis (primary care)
af_gprdprod AF Related medication
af_hes Atrial fibrillation diagnosis (secondary care)
af_proc_gprd Atrial fibrillation procedures (primary care)
af_proc_opcs Atrial fibrillation procedures (secondary care)
af_warfarin_digoxin_gprdprod Warfarin or Digoxin prescription
cardiac_surgery_associated_with_af_gprd AF-related cardiac surgery (primary care)
cardiac_surgery_associated_with_af_opcs AF-related cardiac surgery procedures (secondary care)
heartvalve_gprd Heart valve replacement (primary care)
heartvalve_opcs Heart valve replacement procedure (secondary care)
phenotype_af Atrial fibrillation phenotype


hcm_amiod_gprdprod Amiodarone Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_arrh_gprd Arrhythmias related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (primary care)
hcm_aspir_gprdprod Aspirin Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_betab_gprdprod Beta blocker Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_caantag_gprdprod CCB Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hcm_diag_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy diagnosis (primary care)
hcm_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (primary care)
hcm_hes Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (secondary care)
hcm_hes Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy diagnosis (secondary care)
hcm_procs_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy procedures (primary care)
hcm_procs_opcs Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy procedures (secondary care)
hcm_refe_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy referral to specialist (primary care)
hcm_symp_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy symptoms (primary care)
hcm_treat_gprd Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy treatment (primary care)
phenotype_hcm Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy phenotype

Cardiovascular drugs

anticoagulants_and_protamine_gprdprod Anticoagulant Rx (primary care)
antiplatelet_drugs_gprdprod Antiplatelet Rx (primary care)
anti_arrhythmic_drugs_gprdprod Anti arrhythmic Rx (primary care)
beta_adrenoceptor_blocking_drugs_gprdprod Beta blocker Rx (primary care)
diuretics_gprdprod Diuretics Rx (primary care)
fibrinolytic_drugs_gprdprod Fibrinolytic Rx (primary care)
hcm_warfa_gprdprod Warfarin Rx related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hypertension_and_heart_failure_gprdprod Hypertension and heart failure related Rx (primary care)
lipid_regulating_drugs_gprdprod Lipid regulating Rx (primary care)
nitrates_ccb_antianginal_gprdprod Nitrates / CCB Rx (primary care)
nsaids_gprdprod NSAID Rx (primary care)
positive_inotropic_drugs_gprdprod Positive inotropic Rx (primary care)